Welcome to the 2021 Wollongong Oztag Summer Season.

We will be holding competitions throughout the Summer season at the following venues:

Monday –   Centenary Park Cringila – Men’s, Mixed

Tuesday –  Centenary Park Cringila – Women’s, Men’s, Mixed

Wednesday – Centenary Park Cringila – Men’s, Mixed

Thursday – Hollymount Park Woonona – Men’s, Mixed

The season runs for 12 weeks followed by a 2 week final series. We allow for 2 washed out rounds if required. Our competitions will commence early October.


Registration is $1080 per team for 12 or less players. Extra players are $90- each. Teams must pay in full by cash or into our bank account before the comp commences.

To ensure a streamlined registration process we require team delegates to collect money for all their players and organise payment to us either by EFT or cash prior to start of competition. Contact Andrew on 0402 390 686 or gongoztag@gmail.com

Here is the rego form: Senior Rego Form Summer 2021

If you pay by EFT please ensure you put your team name as the reference and email or sms us to advise you have made the payment.

Account Name:  Wollongong Oztag 

Bank:  IMB

BSB:  641 800

Account No:  200202058

We do accept individual registrations. Please contact Andrew on 0402390686.  Cost is $90- and can be done by EFT.

Registration Dates – tbc   Centenary Park

Players wishing to play in a senior competition must have turned 15 prior to taking the field.

We will have shorts and tights available for sale at game nights and the rego night.



– TEAM UNIFORMS – by week 4 all teams are to be in completely matching shirts and numbered. From week 4 onwards a penalty of 1 try PER PLAYER out of uniform will be awarded to the opposing team prior to starting the game (the referee will make a clear note of this and make it aware to both teams).

– OFFICIAL OZTAG SHORTS/TIGHTS – players are required to wear official Australian Oztag shorts or tights.

Under no circumstances are players allowed to sew velcro patches onto pants/tights or wear LEAGUE TAG shorts/tights. Shorts ($30) and Tights ($35) will be available at all registration days along with competition venues each week.

– SIGN ON SHEETS – all players are required to report to the canteen so we can sign you on each week prior to taking the field. If players fail to sign on points may be deducted (forfeit for less than 5 players signing on) as well as breaching insurance rules.

– BACKING UP – any teams who do not have 8 players to take the field are able to find a backup player who is currently registered in the same season at any of our venues however must be in an equal or lower grade/age.  Teams cannot get back up players to create substitutes in the team, they are only to fill the team to 8 players. Teams caught playing unregistered players or playing back up players without notifying competition staff will forfeit the game (5-0 loss). You must have at least 5 of your registered players playing or the game will be considered a forfeit.

If you think your opposition is breaching the rules and playing unregistered players please notify competition staff during or before the game (not after the fact with no proof).

– ELIGIBILITY FOR FINAL SERIES – All players who were registered in a team from the start of the comp are eligible. Players that join after round 1 must play a minimum of 4 games to qualify.